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Class Schedule

Mrs. Jackson's weekly schedule is as follows:
Monday through Thursday -
School Starts at 8:40 am
School Ends at 3:05 pm
Every Friday-
School Starts at 8:40 am
School Ends at 1:15 pm
Library is on Mondays
STEAM Lab is on Wednesdays
PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Music (Choir) is on Tuesday

Homework Policy 

about 1 year ago

Nightly Homework

     Students are to do no more than 50 minutes of homework each night Monday through Thursday. This includes 25 minutes reviewing language arts and math skills that have been previously taught in class as well as at least 25 minutes of reading.  Students are encouraged to also practice weekly spelling words and multiplication and division facts. Homework will be sent home and returned weekly beginning Monday, August 13th.  Students will be graded on homework assignments and scores will count towards their overall report card grades.  There is a “No Excuses” homework policy in fourth grade.  Students must practice to improve skills. 

Spelling Homework

    Please have your child use this spelling menu to help them practice the assigned spelling words for the week. Spelling words will be worked on weekly in class, but nightly practice at home on these words are encouraged for through understanding. However, your child is not required to turn in nightly spelling assignments to the teacher. These spelling activities are provided to help your child practice their spelling words in preparation for their weekly spelling test. Thank you!

Welcome to Mrs. Jackson's 4th grade class! I have an engaging, productive, and exciting year planned for your child. I am eager to cooperate with you to further your child's education. My goal is to help each student achieve his or her best and having a lot of fun in the process! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to teach your child!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
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