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Rest of Year Happenings
We have LOTS coming up in Room 26!
--February 23 & 24, Animal Habitat Presentations
--Early March, Student Centered Conferences
--Mid-March, Communicating with Empathy Unit
--End of March, WANTED Posters create and display around the campus
--March 23, Little Smiles Dentistry visits us
--April, Complimenting Others Unit
--3rd Trimester, BizWorld Project
--May 12, Mother's Day Activity
--June 1, Father's Day Activity

I'm excited to finish our year strong with some amazing learning experiences!
Please don't forget to have definitions for each week's vocabulary words make sense so you can study them more effectively!

Safe Racers

over 3 years ago

By David Domena

Safe racers

CES 3rd Grade Safe Racer Project

3rd Grade students worked in groups to design and tweak safe racer vehicles. Groups focused on safety (protecting an egg through a forceful collision) and performance (traveling the furthest distance) and were able to compete across classrooms.