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If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, he or she should remain home or be sent home. The student may return to school when fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours.
Any vomiting is a reason to keep the student home or to send him or her home from school. Vomiting is a way for the body to rid itself of germs making it sick, and it is usually caused by a stomach virus or infection. The student may return to school when the vomiting clears up. Exception- A student does not need to remain at home or be sent home from school if the vomiting is related to motion sickness.
Runny Nose and Coughing
Minor cold or allergy symptoms such as a stuffy nose with clear drainage, sneezing, and minor cough should not be a reason to miss school.
A student should remain home or be sent home if he or she has two, loose bowel movements, even if there are no other signs of illness. Diarrhea ma be a result of infection or a side effect of medication. Call the parent to find out if there may be a non-medical reason for the loose bowl movements. The student should be kept home until stools are solid.
Rashes may be caused by many things, a few of which may be contagious. A sudden appearance of a rash over any part of the body with an unknown cause (and accompanied by fever or other symptoms) should be evaluated by a doctor. Exceptions-Rashes caused by poison ivy/poison oak are not contagious and is not a reason to miss school. Other allergic rashes that are already known to the parent and mile diaper rashes are not reason to send a student home from school. If a student has been by a medical provider regarding a rash, a note from the provider should be provided to the school.
Pink Eye
If a student's eyes are mildly red an watery and no other symptoms are present, this may indicate an allergy. If a student's eye are markedly red including under the eyelids and is accompanied by thick, yellow or green drainage, he/she may have pick eye or conjunctivitis. If a physician determines the student has bacterial conjunctivitis medication may be prescribed. Student should return to school as directed by the doctor.
Crying and complaing for a long time
Anytime a student is not herself or himself and is complaining about discomforts or the child is cranky and crying more then usual we call the parents.
Whenever an injury is serious enough to need a health care provider's attention, a parent will be contacted.